Structures Hydraulics

Product Code: ME-6984


Add a hydraulic/pneumatic ram to make your structures move and do work. Not only will students see the cranes and jacks in action, they can directly measure the pressure and volume to calculate how much work was done.

How It Works

Custom clamps fasten to each end of the cylinder and connect using axles from the Advanced Structures Set. With multiple through-holes for axles and featuring clear clamps, this hydraulics system is easily adjustable and readily viewable for monitoring fluid volume.

What’s Included

  • 1x Master Cylinder
  • 1x Pressure Sensor “T”
  • 1x Check Valves and Tubing
  • 1x Syringes (10, 20, 60 ml)
  • 1x Drive Belt for Rotary Motion Sensor (not shown)

Buying Guide

Required Accessories P/N
Advanced Structures Set ME-6992B
45 cm Stainless Steel Rod ME-8736
PASPORT Absolute Pressure Sensor PS-2107
PASPORT Rotary Motion Sensor PS-2120A
PASPORT Absolute Pressure/Temperature Sensor PS-2146
Ideal Gas Law Apparatus TD-8596A


Structures Hydraulics Manual