850 Comprehensive Thermodynamics and Waves Bundle

Product Code: UI-5802A


The complete Waves, Optics, and Thermodynamics bundle of sensors and equipment designed for use with Comprehensive 850 Physics System Experiment Manual. Allows student groups to complete 22 classic physics experiments.


  1. Heat and Temperature
  2. Transfer of Energy by Radiation
  3. Specific Heat
  4. Electrical Equivalent of Heat
  5. Boyle’s Law: P and V of a Gas at Constant T
  6. Absolute Zero
  7. Behavior and Characteristics of Sound Waves
  8. Standing Waves on a String
  9. Resonant Modes of Sound in a Tube
  10. Speed of Sound in Air
  11. Superposition of Sound Waves
  12. Interference of Sound Waves
  13. Shadow and Color in Light
  14. Object and Image Distances for a Thin Lens
  15. Light Properties
    • Reflection
    • Refraction
    • Dispersion
  16. Focal Length of a Concave Mirror
  17. Optical Instruments: Telescope and Microscope
  18. Variation of Light Intensity
  19. Light Intensity versus Distance
  20. Polarization: Verify Malus’ Law
  21. Brewster’s Angle
  22. Diffraction of Light

PASCO Products Included:

 Sound Sensor (CI-6506B)

Allows measurement of relative intensity of sound.

 Energy Transfer – Calorimeter (ET-8499)

This unique calorimeter uses a heating resistor instead of a spring coil to heat a small amount of water.

 Precision Diffraction Slits (OS-8453)

Includes two slit wheels allowing students to examine various diffraction patterns.

 Basic Optics Geometric Lens Set (OS-8456)

Includes +200, +100 mm lenses. Each lens is mounted in a lens holder for protection and easy storage.

 Concave/Convex Mirror (OS-8457)

A double-sided mirror, concave on one side and convex on the other, and a semicircular half-screen. Both are mounted in a holder for easy placement on the Basic Optics Track.

 Green Diode Laser (OS-8458)

Designed to be used with Basic Optics System allowing students to explore interference patterns.

 Basic Optics Viewing Screen (OS-8460)

Project images onto this white plastic screen, which is used with Basic Optics systems.

 Basic Optics Ray Table (OS-8465)

A rotating disk with a polar grid that provides an excellent surface for measuring incident, reflected, and or refracted light rays.

 Basic Optics Light Source (OS-8470)

An all-in-one bright point source, illuminated crossed-arrow object, primary-color source, and ray box with up to five parallel rays.

 Adjustable Lens Holder (OS-8474)

Allows unmounted lenses and mirrors to be used with other optics equipment such as the Beginning Optics System.

 Adjustable Focal Length Lens (OS-8494)

Adjust the amount of water in this lens to demonstrate changing curvature and resulting focal length changes.

 Color Mixer Accessory Kit (OS-8495)

Color Mixer Accessory Kit contains 7 colored filter cards and 11 colored reflector cards for study of light color transmission and reflection

 Color Mixer (OS-8496)

An accessory for to the basic optics system to demonstrate additive color mixing.

 1.2 m Optics Track — Basic Optics (OS-8508)

The 1.2 m optics bench is a perfect length for investigations involving lenses, mirrors, and diffraction/interference patterns. Made of rugged extruded aluminum.

 Ray Optics Kit (OS-8516A)

A basic set of lenses and mirrors for ray and color experiments.

 Accessory Lens Set — Basic Optics (OS-8519)

Includes +250 mm and -150 mm lenses. Each is mounted in a lens holder, which clips directly into the Basic Optics Bench.

 Diode Laser — Basic Optics (OS-8525A)

Designed to be used with Basic Optics System allowing students to explore interference patterns

 Polarization Analyzer — Basic Optics (OS-8533A)

Measures relationship between light intensity transmitted through set of polarizers and angle of the polarizers.

 Linear Translator — Basic Optics (OS-8535A)

Used with the Rotary Motion Sensor and provides position data to the computer. Can be attached to Basic Optics Bench.

 PASPORT Absolute Pressure Sensor (PS-2107)

Measures gas pressure from various sources and internal vacuum allows consistent measurement above and below ambient conditions. For use with PASPORT Interfaces.

 PASPORT Quad Temperature Sensor (PS-2143)

Allows any combination of our stainless steel, fast response or skin/surface temperature probes for a wide variety of temperature measurement. For use with PASPORT Interfaces.

 PASPORT High Sensitivity Light Sensor (PS-2176)

Designed to perform visible light studies from low intensity spectral studies to daylight. For use with PASPORT Interfaces.

 Resonance Boxes: Sympathetic Resonance Box Set (SE-7345)

These boxes are constructed from hardwood and feature an A4 tuning fork mounted directly to the box. If tuned to the same frequency, striking one will cause the other to go into sympathetic vibration.

 Banana Plug Cord-Red (5 Pack) (SE-9750)

These heavy, insulated patch cords are convenient, durable and inexpensive. The grips are stackable and made of soft plastic for flexible strain relief. The spring connectors rotate in the grips, reducing wear due to friction. Length of 75 cm, set of 5.

 Radiation Cans (TD-8570A)

Three cans in different colors to quantitatively investigating a full range of heat transfer phenomena.

 Absolute Zero Sphere (TD-8595)

Use in water baths of different temperatures to measure corresponding changes in pressure. A linear fit allows extrapolation to find absolute zero.

 Ideal Gas Law Apparatus (TD-8596A)

Students can quantitatively look at the relationships between pressure, temperature and volume.

 Economy Resonance Tube (WA-9495)

Two nested cardboard tubes allow students to vary the length of a column of air and study resonance in both open and closed tubes.

 String Vibrator (WA-9857)

Drives a string or elastic cord to produce a standing wave. Use it to study frequency, wavelength, and resonance. It’s well-suited for demos and hands-on experiments.

 Open Speaker (WA-9900)

Designed for the study of wave properties, features a high-quality woofer mounted on a sturdy base with standard banana jack inputs.

Manual Downloads

Product Manuals for the Included Products

Sound Sensor Manual (CI-6506B)
(321 KB – .pdf – English)
Energy Transfer Calorimeter Manual (ET-8499)
(481 KB – .pdf – English)
Precision Diffraction Slits Manual (OS-8453)
(309 KB – .pdf – English)
Economy Resonance Tube Manual (WA-9495)
(226 KB – .pdf – English)
Ideal Gas Law Apparatus Manual (TD-8596A)
(600 KB – .pdf – English)
Open Speaker Manual (WA-9900)
(228 KB – .pdf – English)
String Vibrator Manual (WA-9857)
(443 KB – .pdf – English)
Radiation Cans Manual (TD-8570A)
(17 KB – .pdf – English)
Absolute Zero Sphere Manual (TD-8595).pdf
(301 KB – .pdf – English)
Adjustable Focal Length Lens Manual OS-8494
(1.3 MB – .pdf – English)
Basic Optics Light Source Manual (OS-8470)
(514 KB – .pdf – English)
Adjustable Lens Holder Manual (OS-8474)
(521 KB – .pdf – English)
Basic Optics Ray Table Manual (OS-8465)
(316 KB – .pdf – English)
Concave-Convex Mirror Manual (OS-8457)
(119 KB – .pdf – English)
Basic Optics Diode Laser Manual (OS-8458)
(189 KB – .pdf – English)
Ray Optics Kit Manual (OS-8516A)
(44 KB – .pdf – English)
Color Mixer Manual (OS-8496)
(426 KB – .pdf – English)
Basic Optics Diode Laser Manual (OS-8525)
(189 KB – .pdf – English)
Color Mixer Accessory Kit manual OS-8495
(337 KB – .pdf – English)

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